7 Drinks That Lower High Blood Pressure

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Nonfat Milk

Every day consumption of one cup of milk may help decrease high blood pressure."

Hibiscus Tea

The antioxidants anthocyanins and other may protect blood arteries withstand damage that could cause them to constrict, according to some research.

Pomegranate Juice

Systolic blood pressure, which gauges how much force your heart exerts on your arteries, has been demonstrated to be improved by pomegranate juice.

'Beet Juice'

"The food component nitrate, which is abundant in beets and is known to decrease blood pressure,

Tomato Juice

Systolic and diastolic blood pressure have both been proven to improve with tomato juice.

Berry Juice

"Berries have been discovered to lower both systolic blood pressure, which is why some people love drinking berry juice.

Coffee And Tea

According to a recent meta-analysis of all trial data, both black and green tea were effective for lowering blood pressure, but green tea was."

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