The Cancer Zodiac Sign

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8 Myth-Busting Facts About 

Because they are among the toughest species in the entire zodiac, Cancers are quite resilient and capable of handling all kinds of crises.

1. Cancers are resilient.

This is one of the most intriguing cancer-related facts.

2. Cancers are incredibly determined.

While it's true that Cancers appreciate domestic hobbies and adore spending time at home, that doesn't mean they are total recluses.

3. Cancers are social butterflies.

A sign with a lot of emotional power and depth, Cancer is intensely amorous and tender.

4. Cancers are super caring and protective.

Cancers are considered to be extremely circumspect and to worry and stress over virtually anything.

5. Cancers are overthinkers.

Cancer people tend to be moody and have a deep dread of being rejected by their loved ones.

6. Cancers have complex emotions.

Cancers have trouble letting the outside world in.They are renowned for keeping their feelings hidden from the public.

7. Cancers are closed off.

Any troubles you encounter can be shared with a buddy who is a Cancer. To those who treat them well, they are fiercely loyal.

8. Cancers can be very loyal.

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