8 Side Effects of Drinking Carbonated Water

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You can stay hydrated by drinking pure, simple carbonated water, especially if you have trouble getting enough plain water throughout the day.

1. You'll improve hydration

Drinking carbonated water seems more fun than drinking plain water because of the fizz. Added tastes have the same effect.

2. You may enjoy drinking water more

Due to the CO2 contained in the water, drinking carbonated water causes you to swallow more air than you would if you were eating or drinking something else.

3. It may bloat your belly

Despite having no calories, some research suggest that carbonated water, whether it contains artificial sweeteners or not, may cause weight gain and a higher body mass index. 

4. You might gain weight

Diet soda is carbonated water with coloring and artificial sweetener. For decades, millions of dieters have substituted it for sugary drinks

5. You may lose weight

There's little study on pure sparkling water, but zero-calorie carbonated water without coloring or artificial sweeteners may work like artificially sweetened no- and low-cal drinks.

Unsweetened carbonated water can cause cavities, but not in the same way as drinking a lot of soda will.

6. It may erode your teeth

Water or carbonated water will rehydrate you in the hot heat. But drink bubbly to avoid heat-induced sleepiness. 

7. It may make you more alert

Some seltzers and carbonated waters contain potentially unhealthy levels of synthetic PFAS chemicals that have been linked to a variety of health issues

8. Some may cause health problems

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