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8 Surprising Benefits of Chickpeas

Protein Rich

Protein is usually associated with meat and dairy. One cup of chickpeas has more protein than three eggs. 

Maintains Regular

Chickpeas, of course, are high in fiber, which helps prevent constipation. Chickpeas provide almost half the daily fiber recommendation in one cup.

Reduces heart disease risk

 Eating 3/4 cup of chickpeas daily may cut "bad" cholesterol by 5% and reduce cardiovascular disease risk by 6%. 

Stress-free, better sleep

By intentionally supplementing with magnesium—or incorporating magnesium-rich foods like chickpeas—you can experience less anxiety and more relaxation in your daily life.

Keeps you full for longer

It’s loaded with flavorful veggies and has a mix of plant and animal protein, providing 20g, which will keep you satisfied for hours.


aids pregnancy

One cup of canned chickpeas provides 18% of pregnant women's recommended daily consumption.

Aids Digestion

Chickpeas make you gassy? Moderation matters. She recommends gently adding fiber to each meal from a variety of sources.

Improves Skin

They include beta carotene (3% RDI), which may protect skin cells from free radicals and UV radiation.

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