8 Walmart Problems No One is Talking About

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Prices aren’t always the cheapest

Frequently, you may find products at Walmart at the lowest prices available. Yet "often" doesn't mean "always.

A shop like Target is likely to match it with a price-match guarantee even if Walmart does have the lowest price on an item.

Quality is not always the best

If you purchase a product from Walmart for a significant discount compared to the price you would pay elsewhere,

you might be willing to accept a product of poorer quality.Walmart doesn't guarantee high quality because they concentrate in low-cost goods.

Some find the store layout confusing

Walmart stores are allegedly disorganised, visually disorienting, and not always spotlessly clean, according to some customers. 

As a result, customers experience a lengthy and irritating shopping process.

Great Value products might not save you much

Great Value is the store brand of Walmart, and people seeking for a deal prefer it.

But, it's crucial to concentrate on unit sizes, servings, and serving sizes when contrasting Great Value products to name-brand rivals.

Walmart Plus isn’t always worth it

Walmart launched Walmart Plus in September 2020. Its membership club offers members savings on in-store purchases as well as on home delivery.

Walmart Plus members receive free home deliveries on orders over $35 in exchange for a monthly fee of $12.95 or an annual fee of $98.

Some shoppers want more customer service

Some complain that it's challenging to ask personnel for assistance because they're dispersed across the store.

Customer satisfaction is low

It's safe to conclude that not all Walmart consumers are pleased with their visits to the shop,

based on the many surveys and reviews that have been conducted over the years.

Some say it’s bad for local economies

Walmart has a long history of entering a community that values small retail and then pricing and selling loss leaders to drive those businesses out of business. 

Although increasing the amount of money going to Walmart's headquarters in Arkansas, some claim that this has undermined strong local economies.

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