9 Alcohol-Free Super Bowl Drinks for Everyone

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This alcohol-free whiskey-like drink tastes like whiskey, makes a decent Manhattan and Hot Toddy, and is robust on its own. 

Ritual Zero-Proof Whiskey Alternative

Football Sundays call for Bloody Marys. Mix a huge jug for the big game since the salty, sour, and savory flavors go well with snacks. This Foodie Crush dish is vodka-free.

Bloody Mary

Kopparberg Non-Alcoholic Strawberry & Lime Cider tastes like the pleasant bubbly spirit without alcohol. It pairs well with salty appetizers and makes a terrific joyful toast.

Alcohol-Free Cider

A Cozy Kitchen's Grapefruit and Rosemary Virgin Spritzer is refreshing, sweet, and bitter in the finest way. It bites without alcohol. 

Fruit Spritzer


Enjoy a delicious beach cocktail throughout winter. A Farmgirl's Dabbles' Pink Panther Mocktail is the ultimate smoothie-alcohol mix. As a reward at halftime, blitz a lot.

Virgin Pina Colada

For the 49ers, make a virgin martini. Ritual's Zero Proof Gin Alternative provides martini flavor without alcohol. Mix the faux spirit with dry vermouth, olive brine.

Virgin Martini

Make a virgin Kanas City Ice Water cocktail for the Chiefs. Blend Ritual's Gin Alternative with your citrus drink and ice. Strain or combine this sweet, effervescent drink.

Ice-Water Drink

This Shirley Temple recipe from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs is a modern spin on the childhood favorite. A genuine cherry garnish makes all the difference.

Shirley Temple with alcohol. 

The Kitchn's easy recipe is worth bookmarking. Substitute Flora's Swedish Bitters for the recipe's indicated brand, which has a small alcoholic content.



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