9 Signs She’s Bored Of The Relationship

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You no longer fight.

Relationships frequently have arguments. It's expected that you won't agree on everything.

Or she creates unnecessary fights.

She is merely attempting to inject some spice into the relationship by starting fights over issues that are probably unimportant.

She stops putting in an effort.

She doesn't inquire as to your want to travel or engage in novel experiences with her.

She doesn’t take an interest in you anymore.

She doesn't inquire about your activities or how your day was. She simply has lost interest in you.

She spends more time alone.

In any relationship, having alone time is crucial. You need a break so that you can miss each other!

She spends more time with her friends.

You just...have to...manage to balance your time between your buddies and your relationship.

She doesn’t communicate her feelings.

She isn't discussing how she feels with you about the monotony, bare-bones nature, or blah-ness of the relationship.

Or she actually tells you she’s bored. 

If she's honest with herself and you, she'll speak out about how she feels.

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