Aaron Rodgers denies being the "savior" of the Jets.

If I told you I grew up in a family of New York Jets supporters and then referenced The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" in reference to the Jets' primarily traumatic 64-year history, you might assume a few things about me.

For the record, I am older than you are, but not old enough to have seen The Who at their peak performance. Since Joe Willie Namath's last snap with the New York Jets in 1976.

 I have seen many friends' dreams dashed by players such as Richard Todd, Ken O'Brien, Boomer Esiason, Neil O'Donnell, Chad Pennington, Brett Favre, Mark Sanchez, Sam Darnold, and others. 

At his inaugural news conference on Wednesday, new New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers wore his new jersey and number.

Seeing the four-time MVP confidently stride into the team's rural Florham Park, New Jersey, headquarters wearing black and green J-E-T-S gear caused many to do a double take, given the drawn-out nature of the process.

"I just really believe that this is where I was supposed to be," a calm Rodgers remarked at his debut press conference, instantly seeking to empathize with the long-suffering followers he inherits.

There has never been a Jet named NFL Most Valuable Player. The franchise hasn't made the playoffs since the 2010 season, when Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan, and co. lost the AFC title game for the second year in a row.

After the 1968 season, when Namath famously guaranteed the then-AFL squad's historic upset of the NFL's heavily favored Baltimore Colts, the Jets won their only Lombardi Trophy, and if they win again.

As long as we're comparing bands whose popularity peaked around the time of Namath's, I'm far more of a fan of Led Zeppelin than The Who. It was more of a "Stairway to Heaven" moment on Wednesday.

Rodgers made some excellent points. He praised General Manager Joe Douglas and Head Coach Robert Saleh for their direction. He lauded and exhibited faith in a group that has not always deserved it.

 Unlike in former seasons with Green Bay, he promised to be there for the whole of the offseason training. And he didn't bluff by promising to come back in 2024.



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