Aaron Rodgers "will do great" with the Jets, according to Brett Favre.

After trading Brett Favre to the Jets 15 years ago, the Packers have now traded Aaron Rodgers to the same team.

The Jets got Favre for a third-round selection, which is nothing compared to what they gave up for Rodgers, and Favre thinks the quarterback will flourish in New York.

Say it with me now: "Aaron will do great!!!!" Favre told ESPN.com's Ed Werder through text message, with help from ESPN.com's Rich Cimini. He'll adjust as well as anybody could. 

 So, it's not likely that you'll ever manage to catch him off guard. And I believe [he is] the greatest at elevating the quality of life for those around him. 

The Jets, who had risen to the AFC's top seed in November until their star player suffered a partial tear of his biceps tendon, did not advance to the postseason.

As he nears 40, Rodgers' greatest concerns are whether or not he can: (1) remain healthy; (2) settle into a routine; and (3) resist the effects of Father Time.

The Jets have risked a lot to get Rodgers, so they need all three to be true. Next year's second-round selection becomes a first-round pick if Rodgers takes just 65% of the snaps.

In addition to this year's second-round pick plus a flip-flop of No. 13 and No. 15 in round one (it's amusing to watch those who defend the deal act like that's a throwaway word).

Almost six games are okay with us. It's OK if they don't make the postseason. A losing record is acceptable. They have the potential for a top-five selection. The Packers will get the pick if Rodgers handles at least 65% of the snaps.

While all was going on, Favre had a little reprieve from matters that, while still important, seem a bit less serious than whether Aaron Rodgers would be excellent, horrible, or otherwise in New York.



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