Africa Has a New Ocean.

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The East African Rift System, one of the world's biggest, is where the split is happening, according to IFL Science.

Mozambique, Tanzania, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, and Malawi share the divide. 

The East African Rift System is one plate steadily breaking apart, unlike the San Andreas fault, which is two plates pushing together.

In 2018, a fracture in Kenya went viral, causing many to believe Africa was splitting in two.


Almost 25 million years of subsurface movements caused the East African Rift System's spectacular event. Scientists say the gap will spread to generate a new ocean.

Nevertheless, if you returned to the plant in five to 10 million years, you would find a world quite different from the maps we've used for millennia.

Africa's eastern tip will become an island in a new ocean. The seas and continents as we know them are relatively young in Earth's history.

The world is always changing, yet on a scale so huge and lengthy that people can't comprehend it. Our houses, nations, and continents are essentially plates gently migrating over the planet.


Climate change is affecting some of these planetary changes. Our planet may alter dramatically in our lifetimes due to rising sea levels and more severe weather occurrences.

Not the imaginary seas that will arise when Africa separates, but the ones lapping at our beaches today are our true worry.

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