After Jumping Well, Horse Cheers the Audience

Every performer knows how challenging it is to win over an audience. You need the audience's positive reinforcement in the form of applause and shouting to keep going

You're doing great on their rations. Believe it or not, the same holds true for horses. Vinny, ridden by TikTok user @paradoxfarm.sporthorses, competed in an equestrian event.

Vinny was flying through the course, with the crowd roaring their approval after each and every one of his jumps. Naturally, this pumped up the horse, and he responded with a cute gesture toward the spectators.

Aww! Did you catch how elated he was? Do it again and pay closer attention to the horse's reaction the second time around if you didn't.

Back at the mob, he was yelling. The enthusiastic applause from the audience must have let him know he was succeeding. 

Having accomplished this, he felt rather pleased with himself. To his credit, he is this way. All of his jumps were perfectly executed.

In the spirit of "Lean Six Sigma," Green Belt in Digital Transformation | Globally Recognized He's having a great time, as @kaylastevens239 put it.


Yeah, he's having a lot more than simply a good time, in our opinion. He seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. 

He was destined for a life on stage and in the spotlight. To which @caitlyn. .is .not. .ok replied, We have to keep him safe at all costs. Sure, go ahead and repeat that!

@hopefuljumper, a second TikTok user, added: "Easily the best video I've watched this week. Oh, my!" Right?!

That's such a wonderful response, especially coming from a horse that's clearly been training hard for competition.

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