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America Just Named Its Best 

Aldi's no-frills philosophy and excellent shopping experience make it obvious why they are ranked first.

1.The Most Budget-Friendly Place to Shop: Aldi

There are WinCo stores in the Midwest and on the West Coast. The warehouse-like spaces feel uncomplicated, as at Aldi.

2. WinCo

Grocery Outlet is an East and West Coast bargain retailer that offers groceries for 40-70% less than comparable stores.

3. The grocery store

Northeastern chain store Market Basket is family-run and well-known for its affordable rates.

4. Market Basket

Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and California all have Food4Less locations. Another no-frills shop, Food4Less, allows consumers to bag their own goods to reduce costs.

5. Food4Less

Like Aldi, Lidl is a German firm with headquarters mostly in the East Coast.

6. Lidl

These bargain shops are available in 32 different states across the nation. Similar to Aldi, Save-a-Lot is able to save money by maintaining a compact storefront.

7. Save-a-Lot

Although they employ the same strategies as Aldi and Save-a-Lot to cut costs, they have a far larger storefront than those stores.

8. Price Rite

One of the most well-known grocery merchants in the country, Walmart is widely dispersed.

9. Walmart

Marc's attributes their ability to keep prices low to the high volume of shoppers who frequent their locations each day.

10. Marc's

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