Anti-aging foods that will turn back time

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Pomegranates' vitamin C level gives them antioxidant benefits. They also contain punicalagin, which helps skin collagen.


Soy improves skin suppleness and cardiovascular health. The delectable bean reduces "bad" cholesterol and menopausal symptoms.

Olive oil

Olive oil, a mainstay of the Mediterranean diet, contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds comparable to those found in fresh olives. It may also be used in face scrubs!

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There’s evidence that eating this vegetable reduces your blood pressure, keeps your bones strong, and even helps to prevent cancer

Red bell pepper

The carotenoids in bell peppers, which give them their brilliant colour, keep your skin clean and shiny. Red bell peppers are also highly rich in vitamin C.

Dark chocolate

Not all anti-aging foods are fruits and veggies! Dark chocolate is a carrier of various antioxidants, as well as flavanols, which enhance blood flow to the skin, making it healthier.



Lycopene, found in watermelons, is a common ingredient in facial sunscreen. The skin is shielded from harmful chemicals and ultraviolet radiation.

Another wonderful source of vitamin C, sip a glass of orange juice or simply eat the fruit on its own to gain the advantages of young skin and a strengthened immune system.



The health advantages of fresh olives are many. DNA damage is reduced by the phytonutrients, and free radicals that damage skin are neutralised by the antioxidants.

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