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April Fools’ Day Prank

A sudden invasion of sparkles! Just pick up a humorous card to deliver to your chosen recipient, then gently stuff the envelope with ultra-fine craft glitter.


Cut a tiny piece of duct tape the same colour as the victim's mouse, and attach it to the bottom to pull off the mouse prank.


To confuse your fellow carpoolers, try sticking a "Please Honk!" sign on the rear of your vehicle. Use washable window markers or print out a placard to make your strange instruction stand out.


If you want to make your pals uncomfortable, consider giving them some edible bug lollipops in a bag that otherwise looks like one for lollipop.


Put a fake broken-glass decal on a friend's car window, walk up to the car slowly with them, and watch as they freak out before realising it's simply an April Fools' joke.


Alternatively you could go old-school with a classic jump scare. Attempt this snake-in-a-can prank to make people scream by switching out the potato chips.


On April Fool's Day, we advise launching a surprise confetti assault on your partner or kids. Just some pre-cut paper confetti will do to decorate your ceiling fan.


if you know someone who has a mild case of arachnophobia, place a fake spider that looks like the genuine thing in their shoe or on their dinner plate.


Just a roll of caution tape and a plausible explanation for your building maintenance personnel. Tape up your caution posters and watch your coworkers use the stairs!


replacing the luxurious, two-ply toilet paper in the bathrooms with this novelty, non-tear paper. Make sure the stall also has a true roll to prevent them from becoming entirely stuck.


The key to this one is coming up with an outrageous headline that could actually occur, like a young person running for mayor of your community.


Simply take a silly string can and hide in a closet or another discreet location. Wait for your April Fool's joke victim to come across you.


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