Aries Zodiac Sign Characteristics

How Aries Loves

Aries are hot and stormy, just like their ruler, Mars. They're confident, passionate, and irritable. Every Aries lover tries—futilely but thrillingly—to control them.

How Aries Makes Friends

This symbol emphasizes "activity." Aries prefers diverse friends. Aries have numerous pals. Maintaining friends is tougher.

Career, Money, and Success for Aries

Aries' best job skill is being a leader. Everyone looks to Aries, and taking care of other people comes naturally to them.


Aries are the best! The name says it all:

A for assertive
R for refreshing
I for independent
E for energetic                         S for sexy

Aries' Greatest Gifts

When an Aries sets a goal, they will reach it. It doesn't matter if it's to backpack around the world, start a business, or train for a marathon. 

Aries' Greatest Gifts

They don't care what other people think and can quickly connect with their intuition and dreams. Rams never need a date because they enjoy their own company. 


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Aries' Greatest Challenges

Rams have a million-mile-an-hour mentality, making it hard for others to calm down. Aries must adapt to maintain connections.

The secret weapon of Aries

Since Aries is strong, stubborn, and made from fire, it makes sense that his secret weapon is iron, which is one of the strongest elements.

The secret weapon of Aries

Iron can be welded, cast, machined, forged, tempered, made harder, or softened. It can also be annealed.

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