Astrologer-Recommended Autumn Drinks


Fire signs are passionate, impetuous, and vocal, thus they need spicy drinks. This Pumpkin-Spice Hot Toddy has spiced tea, cinnamon, and bourbon! 


Their seasonal beverage of choice should be a pumpkin spice latte, and this recipe allows for customization by using sugar or almond milk instead of conventional cow's milk.


This fragrant form of apple cider has apple brandy and is great for the fall season. Apple cider may also be drunk fresh and cold, spiced and heated, or with or without alcohol.


A Cancerian's ideal place to be is at home, cuddled up on the couch with a drink. Because the moon rules Cancer, those born under this sign are sensitive, emotional, and prone to mood swings


Duval observes that the Leo personality traits of warmth, love, and enthusiasm are reflected in this novel spin on the classic hot buttered rum.


"Tea is a really wonderful fit for them since Pisces are very empathetic and inventive," argues Duval. This is the best chai ever.


They might need a jolt of energy to get back to work, housework, or exercise with a shot of espresso. With their reputation for being humble, sensible, and analytical


 They should drink something sweet and crowd-pleasing, like hot chocolate, to which they may add liqueurs like Kahla, bourbon, crème de menthe, Galliano, or Chambord.


Scorpios have a reputation for being fiercely loyal and very passionate, yet underneath that tough exterior is a sensitive soul who longs for genuine connections.


Our one-of-a-kind sign is just as daring and distinctive as our Matcha Latte. The deliciously light and frothy drink is a dream come true/


Known for their infectious optimism and ability to strike up conversations with anybody, travellers born under the sign of the fiery phoenix are sure to gain a host.


Capricorns are considered to be ambitious and disciplined workers, so a simple winter beverage like mulled wine may be just what they need to unwind. 

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