Astrologers' Calmest Zodiac Sign


Taurus is calm. They are obstinate and sluggish. Earthy sensuality and the drive to consider things through balance such attributes. 


Sagittarius, the zodiac's final fire sign, is curious, thirsty for information, and seeks perspective. Mutable signs are adaptable.


Libra wants to please everyone. They're natural diplomats. Being the sign of the scales, they'll consider the pros and drawbacks before jumping in, which, together with their composure.


Pisces is sensitive and tends to romanticise reality. Pisces seeks to assist people, typically as a therapist. Goldberg believes Pisces are peaceful because they comprehend people.


"Capricorn is frequently regarded the most loyal and dependable of all the zodiac signs, recognised for being highly responsible and diligent." 


Cancerians want loyalty and intuition from you. They're incredibly in tune with their own sentiments and those of others. . "They're kind."

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