Banana Split Icebox Cake

This banana split icebox cake is a great option for a summertime dessert since it requires no baking. The icebox cake is a simple dessert that doesn't need an oven.

This dish has two summertime favourites: fresh strawberries and bananas. This dish is perfect for summer gatherings such as barbecues, pool parties, and more.

Love at first taste describes my reaction to icebox cake for the very first time. Layered pastries with whipped cream and pudding are my weakness.

Banana Split Cake, Bake-Free

Even though my first ├ęclair cake turned up looking like a disaster, it was really tasty. Now I see how simple it is to adapt that idea and experiment with other taste combinations.


It's another crowd-pleasing sweet that's hard to botch, so it's a hit in our house. Extra points if you turn the oven off while it's hot outside.

Recipe for Strawberry Banana Icebox Cake

Graham crackers
Instant vanilla pudding mix
Sour cream
Whipped topping
Fresh bananas
Fresh strawberries

A recipe for banana icebox cake.

Put some of the thawed whipped topping in a piping bag with a 1M tip and pipe some swirls onto the cake.

Put in the fridge and use the following day; cover it overnight.
Combine the pudding mix, the sour cream, and the remaining whipped topping in a bowl.


Fill a piping bag with the concoction. You could need two bags at the very least.
Spread a little quantity of filling onto the bottoms of four unbroken graham crackers using a knife.

Set four graham crackers out in a square or rectangle on a serving dish. Stick them to the plate by placing the frosted side down.

Filling is piped onto the graham crackers.
Strawberries and bananas, finely cut, for garnish.
Add five additional layers of filling and no fruit before finishing with a fruit layer.

Refrigerate overnight if possible; cover.
After chilling overnight, remove the plastic wrap and pipe little amounts of the leftover whipped topping into the cake's corners the following day.

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