Based On Your Zodiac Signs The Wrong Type Of Person You Attract

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You draw in unactive people who count on you to do all the planning and talk while they do nothing.


You draw clingy individuals who become irritated when you go out with friends and lead a life outside from the partnership.


Even when you ask them direct questions, you seem to draw enigmatic individuals who don't like to express their emotions and frequently keep you in the dark.


You draw unobservant individuals who never pay attention to the smallest details about you or recognise when something is off.


You draw drama-loving, gossipy individuals that engage in constant conflict with both you and everyone else.


You draw cranky individuals that are perpetually grumbling and never appear to be enjoying themselves.


You draw crooks who can never keep their word or carry through the plans they have made with you.


You draw characters that are unable to make decisions, even small ones like which restaurant to choose.


You draw immature individuals that don't take themselves (or their obligations) seriously, no matter who it harms.


You draw in folks who are constantly checking their emails when you are together and rarely make time in their schedules to see you because they are too busy at work.


You draw spoiled individuals who feel entitled to your time and act as though you should be grateful they want to interact with you.


You draw fun-loving individuals who are uneasy when the relationship necessitates genuine labour and don't take themselves too seriously.


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