Best American Cat Breeds

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The American shorthair's ancestry dates back to early American history. This breed's claim to fame is its Mayflower journey. 

American Shorthair

This American cat breed derives its name from its ears, which curl backwards. The unique ear shape of these cats is caused by a natural genetic abnormality. 

American Curl

In the 1970s, the Bengal cat was developed in the United States. The breed originated from a successful cross between an African leopard cat and a domestic cat. 


This American cat was purposefully developed to have a short, silky coat and the round, flat face of the Persian. 

Exotic Shorthair

In the world of cats, the Maine coon is renowned as a "gentle giant" due to its big size and laid-back disposition. 

Maine Coon

The ragdoll was developed in the 1960s on the West Coast of the United States. Today, these cats are recognized for their friendliness and devotion.


The Balinese and Siamese share many characteristics, yet this breed is distinguished by its luxuriant longhaired coat. 


The Selkirk Rex is another American cat breed whose distinctive curly coat resulted from a natural genetic mutation.

Selkirk Rex

This American cat breed was purposefully created to resemble a little black panther, but luckily it is a much more friendly and sociable home pet.


The Pixie-bob is a little replica of a wild bobcat. According to legend, the breed was created by mixing a wild bobcat with a domestic cat. 


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