Best Breakfast Foods in America

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5. Hash Browns

Fried potatoes complete the ideal breakfast. They are unlike any other morning food.

Hash browns are usually a hit—just add ketchup and salt.

4. Bagel

Whether it's a New York bagel and schmear, a Montreal bagel with lox and capers, or a Starbucks frozen fresh bagel, few breakfast dishes match the bagel's taste-to-convenience ratio.

New Yorkers think they're the only ones who can cook bagels, but other states have helped spread them across America (and thank goodness for that).

3. Chicken-Waffles

We think chicken and waffles are a mainstay of Southern soul food, but Ranker voters placed them third. It's also a popular dish nationwide.

The protein-packed breakfast has fried chicken on a waffle with butter and maple syrup. Your grandmother would approve.

2. Pancakes

Thicken and stack them! Maple syrup-topped pancakes are a guilty pleasure.

Nonetheless, maple syrup has antioxidants, so it might be a nutritious breakfast occasionally.

1. Bacon

Sorry vegetarians. Bacon and eggs go together like peanut butter and jelly or burgers and fries. Bacon is on most American breakfast menus.

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