Biggest pet peeve is, according to your star sign


Because of this, Aries finds it extremely difficult to stand in line. Aries is not interested in standing in line for anything, whether getting on a plane or finding a seat at a bar.


They simply do not comprehend rudeness as a result. This extrovert sign finds it inconceivable that someone they know might pass by and not say hello.


A Sag can't help but feel angry if they learn that a friend or member of their family didn't cast their ballot. They frequently go above and beyond to increase those vote percentages.


Being stopped in their tracks, though, is something they detest. They are prone to getting distracted and forgetting what they were going to say.


A Libra will exert all of their efforts to make amends if they believe that someone is being treated unfairly. They will always take the side of the underdog and speak up for those who are unable to do so.


They detest judgmental people the most of all. Always wanting to be able to be themselves, Aquarians hate it when other people interfere with that.


So when the thoughtfulness is not returned, they often become a little irritated. Sadly, they could even wind up breaking up with friends or partners as a result.


There aren't many things that Scorpios detest more than being questioned. Scorpio will share with you anything they feel like. Otherwise, it's preferable to leave them alone.


If you want to leave a Pisces, you might plan a vacation with a busy itinerary. The Pisces spirit is really dampened by too much formality


Taurus people, in particular, detest being hurried. They have a propensity to fully shut down and turn quite difficult if they believe they are being timed to complete a task.


They will stop at nothing to avoid having to view clutter, even for a brief period of time. Those born under this sign detest it.


A Capricorn won't take the chance of incurring a late payment fee and will call customer service as soon as they discover an erroneous charge on their bill.

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