Cancer-Leo Compatibility: Love, Trust, Friendship, & More

Cancer Traits

Cancers born June 21–July 22. They're zodiac's sensitive homebodies. . They're powerful but emotional since the moon rules water. Reflective and intuitive

Leo traits

Leos are born July 23–August 22. Leos roar. Lion vigour and sunlight reign them. Leos have huge personalities that dominate the room. Type-A folks think their way is better.

Cancer And Leo Communication

Cancer and Leo chatter. From heavy issues to sharing their day, the discussion flows naturally. Leos love to talk and interact with people. Cancers are excellent listeners

Cancer And Leo Intimate Compatibility

Cancer and Leo make good lovers. The bedroom gets yin and yang. Leo is dominant and spontaneous. They will challenge Cancer by suggesting unusual locales

Cancer And Leo Trust

Cancer-Leo relationships often start with trust issues. Cancer prefers solitude to Leo's extrovertism. Moon-ruled, they hide at home and only emerge at peak energy.

Cancer And Leo Personality Traits

Cancer and Leo follow their emblems and planets. Cancer channels emotional crab and moon energy. Like the crab, they're most comfortable in their shell

Cancer And Leo Emotional Compatibility

Cancer and Leo have emotional traits. . Leos are sensitive, too. They're always striving to control and dominate.

Cancer And Leo Dating Compatibility

Leo and Cancer share strong emotions, which might strengthen their partnership. They fall strongly for one other, yet slowly. 

Cancer And Leo Friendship Compatibility

Cancers and Leos bond. Their friendship is as strong as their love, but it's faster. Cancer trusts Leo's confidence.

Potential Problems In Cancer And Leo Relationship

Cancer and Leo are loyal and relationship-oriented, although they have problems. Communication is their main issue.

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