Celebrities Wear Reverse Smokey Eyes.

A smoky eye is attractive and timeless, but if you want something stronger or have hooded lids, try this.

Reverse smokey eye? 

The reverse smoky eye maintains the lid light and bright, flipping all we know about smokey eyes. The approach emphasizes the bottom lash line with lighter crease hues. 

Reverse smokey eye? 

Hughes says you can get a sexy reverse smoky eye in three simple steps.

Hughes recommends applying a wash of neutral eyeshadow in your crease and along the lower lash line. “Messy is best for smoky eyes. 

** Use a creamy kohl eyeliner to draw a thick line on your lower lash line and wing it out. 

The next step is to blend with a little pencil brush, beginning at the eyeliner's edge and moving toward the densest application.


Pull the outer wing of product outwards and upwards to produce a cat-eye look.

Hughes advises that if you overblend, you may add more eyeliner. “Finish the look with a swipe of your favorite mascara or eyelashes and you’re ready for date night,” she added. 

The stunning, dramatic design suits all eye shapes. Most eye makeup suggestions don't work for hooded-eye beauties because they need lid space, but the reverse smoky eye does. 

Hughes says the reverse smokey eye works with any eye shape, although hooded or mono-lidded eyes will benefit most.

“It also creates the illusion of a completely different eye shape, so those with rounded, doe-eyes may see a more defined cat eye.” 

The reverse smokey eye is a classic with a twist. 

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