Celebrities with high IQs

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Jodie Foster

132 is Star's IQ. By three, she could read, and by five, she spoke more than four languages. The actress received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from Yale University in 1997.

Vladimir Putin

President Putin of Russia has an intelligence level of 127. Even though he isn't well liked, nobody can dispute his shrewdness.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is not only very talented on the football field, but he also has a high IQ. His IQ is 135.


The legendary singer's academic success should come as no surprise. She is a genius with a 140 IQ.

Steve Martin

The multiple-award winner is a natural at the stage, onstage magic, and in the comedy ring. A possible contributing factor might be his IQ of 142.

Sharon Stone

The IQ of the American actress is 154, making her another brilliant actress.


Singing sensation from Colombia has an IQ of 140. She can also speak numerous other languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French

James Franco

The American star's IQ is 130, which is rather remarkable. The University of California in Los Angeles was another one of his educational stops.

Rowan Atkinson

A whopping IQ of 178 has been attributed to the legendary Mr. Bean. Simply said, he's brilliant.

Oprah Winfrey

The famous presenter has a 136 IQ. She got honorary doctorates from Duke University (2009) and Harvard University (2013).


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