Cher and Alexander Edwards' red carpet debut

At the Italian brand's red carpet event on March 9, the pair, who were originally connected in November, posed together.

Pictures showed the duo kissing and holding hands. The 76-year-old singer wore a monotone royal blue suit with metallic blue boots, tights, and an enormous bejeweled motorcycle jacket.

Edwards, 36, dressed in black. Like his girlfriend, the rapper wore a button-up jacket and a three-piece suit.

In a series of tweets in November, Cher acknowledged her connection with Edwards, saying they met at Paris Fashion Week.


Cher and Edwards share more than monochromatic clothing and enormous coats, despite their age difference. Both are musicians and parents.

Cher has two children, P. Exeter Blue I and Chaz Bono. Edwards and model and rapper Amber Rose have a kid, Slash Electric Alexander Edwards.

Edwards posted images of himself with Cher, Todd Graves, and rapper Tyga, whose real name is Michael Ray Stevenson, at a Super Bowl celebration on Feb. 15.

Cher tweeted a snapshot of the rapper with the caption "A.E.Hanging Ot" in November after announcing her connection with Edwards. 


“We're Grown ups,” she tweeted in response to concerns about their age gap. Cher's older followers were ready to praise her new love with Edwards.

One admirer responded to another's worry over their age disparity by saying, "Maybe they date younger because they have a youthful lively attitude."

The singer spoke out about public perception of their decades-old age difference on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" on Dec. 2.

"On paper, it's sort of absurd but in real life, we get along fine," she told Clarkson. “He's great, and I don't give guys attributes they don't deserve. 

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