Christie Brinkley's Hair Transformation Shocked Fans

Christie Brinkley showed off her new hair on Instagram. Her makeover follows a snapshot of her gray roots earlier this month.

“To gray or not to gray?” she wrote. Christie Brinkley asked people on Instagram whether she should get salt-and-pepper or stay blonde earlier this month. 

Naturally, her fans had many views, and now, Brinkley's newest hair change shows which style she chose—for now, at least!

The 69-year-old filmed her whole encounter with Rita Hazan. “I asked Rita to help me choose... "To gray or not to gray?" she captioned the video.

She explained how her recent silver hair photo triggered discussion about turning gray. “Women love gray hair,” she added.

“I wasn’t sure when I noticed I had it—it’s really cool on some people to grow it out. Not yet. Maybe someday.” Brinkley ultimately chose to return to warm blonde.


Hazan explained Brinkley’s decision. They're very pro-gray. That suits them. Not everyone likes it. "Some people don't want to be gray, and that's OK," she remarked.

Brinkley said she was "literally living" on Hazan's Root Concealer Touch Up Sprays while waiting for her appointment while Hazan and an aide colored her hair.

“Dark blonde and blonde,” she added. I also adore them for my extensions' tops. I spray dark blonde on top of extensions to mix their in with my base color. Homeowners, take note!

Brinkley later revealed a massive blowout with honey golden highlights and a warm base blonde. She felt refreshed and that the colour was better for her "more-sour" skin tone than slate gray. 

“It looks so shiny and beautiful Christie! I think we should all do what is right for us,” one person said. We define beauty! "Loved the video!" said another. 

Brinkley updated followers on her latest skin laser treatment in her message. “The sink shots show my #fraxellaser results from my previous post,” she added.

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