Clementine's Monthly Zodiac Ice Cream Series

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Pandan, a Southeast Asian sweet aromatic, will be Clementine's first official zodiac flavour for Aries on March 21.

Aquarius And Pisces Can Enjoy Their Flavors Now

 Naturally, the astrological ice cream tour begins here.Aquarius and Pisces should be happy to know that their flavours can be ordered now if they want to get ahead. 

Aquarius gets Iced Mocha Sorbet, while Pisces gets Vegan Mint Chip, spearmint and peppermint in coconut milk ice cream with chunks of minty dark chocolate bars.

Peanut Butter Pleasures for Taurus will launch on April 21 with triple dark chocolate ice cream and creamy peanut butter.

Matcha Raspberry Sorbet, available May 12, will continue the series through spring.

On June 16, Peachy Heat Cheesecake, made with spicy peach jam and cream cheese ice cream, will complement Cancer's comfort. 

Lioness, a golden milk flavour with Lion's mane sweet crumble, will bring the sunshine into Leo season on July 14.

Clementine's Has A Zodiac Ice Cream Flavor For Everyone

Baked Apple Betty, published August 18, will combine actual apple pie with cinnamon ice cream to delight Virgos. 

On September 22, Libras will enjoy Grapefruit and Orange Blossom Sorbet, a wonderful citrus pairing.

Scorpio will be intrigued by sweet-and-sour Pomegranate Sorbet on October 30. Peppermint Crush—ice cream and candies with dark chocolate pieces—will be given to Sagittarius on November 3.

Cranberry Pistachio, arriving December 22, will energise Capricorn by adding cranberries and graham cracker crumble to pistachio ice cream.

All flavours cost $12 per pint except Vegan Mint Chip, which costs $15.

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