Couple Converted Bus into Gorgeous House

Purchased 1997 Thomas International Bus.

She swiped right on Tinder, betting on love. They searched online for skoolies to enjoy the US.

Raised Roof

Ethan's height necessitated increasing the roof. Two farm jacks on either side of the bus added 20 inches. They added two skylights, four solar panels, and a rooftop deck.

Walnut Interior

Due of their 20-inch height advantage, they liked the design and didn't worry about a dark ceiling making the area seem smaller.

Air conditioning

Kim and Ethan skillfully concealed their 12,000 BTU Pioneer Minisplit unit in the school bus medical kit's built-in storage above the dash. When hidden, this warms and cools the bus. 

The Kitchen

With the sink on the driver's side and the stove and oven on the passenger side, the kitchen is well-designed. As the driver's side had shower plumbing, Kim and Ethan did this.


River Countertop

She swiped right on Tinder hoping for love. To appreciate the US, they looked online for skoolies.


The black Furrion 17-inch three-burner two-in-one range oven simplifies bus cooking. Kim and Ethan bring a barbecue but no microwave.

Useful Scraps

They didn't want to waste any resin river countertop leftovers after all their hard work. The leftover parts became floating shelves, utensil holders, and knife racks.

Fridge Spices

Kim and Ethan's apartment-style kitchen. A 10.1-cubic-foot Magic Chef fridge freezer stores spices. They have a beer-only little fridge in front of the bus.

Big Sink

Kim and Ethan can cook a storm in the bus kitchen. It has a spacious sink, beautiful faucet, filtered water tap, and soap dispenser.

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