Dead Giveaways of a Bad Person

They're Invincible

One user says their narcissistic mother blamed them for everything as kids. She often said "nothing is ever my fault" when criticized. They struggled to respond, which hurt them.

They Say They’re Nice

Nice people don't advertise. Someone who calls themselves polite or sensible is probably not. When challenged with their wrongdoing, people will boast about their virtues.

Success Is a Contest for Them

Another says it took time to realize a friend who seemed to like them was annoying. They had trouble connecting. She couldn't celebrate. While others boasted, she remained silent.

Everything Is a Competition

One lady said her mother constantly competed. Her sisters all had roles. Smart, gorgeous, and artist. The smart one role was stressful.

Narcissistic Apologies

Narcissistic apologies blame others. Narcissists will say, “I’m sorry that you have a problem with my actions” instead than “I did something wrong.”

They Only Call When In Need

When they discovered they simply asked for aid, one had to cut many people off. 

Habitual liars

Some lie despite not needing to. Someone claims their acquaintance had a mental illness that caused him to lie regularly. They believe he lied to retain friendships.

Who Gossips

A gossiper may also gossip about you. Many believe that those who reveal confidential information are untrustworthy. It suggests you can only trust their discretion. 


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