Disney Parks: Rides based on Zodiac Signs 

Aries: Splash Mountain

Expedition Everest was one of Disney's most ambitious rides, like like Tauruses. Disney delivered on this massive rollercoaster.

Gemini: Kilimanjaro Safaris

This is one of the most unusual Walt Disney World experiences in Orlando, Florida. This safari ride takes tourists through a huge, detailed area .

Pisces: Haunting Mansion

Many consider this the best Disney ride ever, and its astounding technology still amazes customers. As Pisces are mysterious, it fits with them.

Cancer: It's A Small World

It's A Little World's catchy music sticks in riders' heads all day, but that's part of its beauty. It's charming, fun, and world-conscious.

Leo: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder spins you around the course like a wild west rollercoaster. Like Leos, it's a wild voyage that requires bravery.

Virgo: Transition

One of Disney's newest and most technologically advanced rides appears ideal for Virgos, who are perfectionists.

Libra: Earthship

Libras are fair and want everyone to get along, so Spaceship Earth in EPCOT is excellent for them. Visitors learn about previous communication.

Scorpio: Smuggler's Run

Disney's Jungle Cruise ride is legendary. The Magic Kingdom's famous attraction takes tourists on a boat ride across the world's rivers.

Capricorn: Progress Carousel

The Carousel Of Progress, another Disney classic, incorporates many Capricorn ideals. Their attraction matches their seriousness and family values.

Aquarius: Soarin

Soarin, a famous attraction at EPCOT, lifts visitors into the air and gives them the feeling of flying. It travels the world showing passengers iconic sights.

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