Dog Breeds With The Worst Anxiety Issues

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The Viszla is a dog breed that excels in sports. They are devoted friends as well. They want to spend as much time with you as possible over their 12- to 15-year lifespan.

Cocker Spaniels

Being gun dogs, they are used to spending extended periods of time outside. It makes them wonderful companions, but also problematic in several ways.

Bichon Frises

Being apart from their owners is traumatic for them. When their human partners aren't available to keep them focused, they experience severe anxiety.

Hungarian Breed

There is a lot of energy in these Hungarian breeds. Outside, they nevertheless often try to satisfy their owners. They may get dangerously near to insanity if left alone for too long.


Cavalier King

You should pay special attention to the companions since they are the ones most likely to experience distress from being left alone.

Australian Shepherds

They consider getting their paws filthy to be a normal part of their day. Yet if they aren't cared for properly, outcomes may change. Like you, they have a desire to be loved.


Without their owners, they don't flourish. Always seeking connection is in their nature. Don't forget to prepare for your absence!

German Shepherds

These canines are amazing, yet despite their many talents, they still dislike being alone. Despite appearances, German Shepherds are among the worst breeds for experiencing separation anxiety.

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