Don’t Fall In Love With A Scorpio

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They're ruinous. They'll wreck you.Scorpios have two distinct personalities that make them unique.They can be outgoing at parties and shy at home.

They'll show you first impressions aren't always accurate.Scorpios will teach you difficult love because they prefer honesty even if it hurts. Deception hurts harder.

Scorpios push you harder than anyone else. They see the unseen. Even when you doubt, they see your potential.Scorpios will always believe in you, even when you don't.

Scorpios are the most loyal signs, therefore don't love one. If you're worthy, they'll battle for you.

Don't fall in love with a Scorpio because they're rough around the edges and you'll fall deeper when you find why and they trust you enough to reveal their story.

Scorpios are picky about who they love and break a lot of hearts.Scorpios are blunt, so don't fall in love with one unless you're tough. Not mean. They're honest.

Scorpios are stubborn and will win most battles.Scorpios love harder than anyone else.

Scorpios remember everything, even if you whispered it.Don't fall in love with a Scorpio because they'll transform you so much you'll see them in the mirror.

Don't love a Scorpio because if it ends, it will haunt you.Scorpios are memorable. They're always with you. They're unforgettable.

They become your standard. Most people fail.Don't love a Scorpio unless you're willing to share your heart.

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