Drinking Habits that Accelerate Aging

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Drinking without fibre

Fiber slows ageing, and you may easily add it to beverages. Fibre intake lowers inflammatory and stress indicators, reducing the risk of age-related illness.

Not getting enough water

Drinking adequate water and keeping hydrated is crucial to looking and feeling younger. Those who skip water may age unintentionally.


Daily soda consumption

Soda continues to age and raise illness risk.  Consuming soda and other sugary drinks regularly increased the risk of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Consuming plenty of sweet juice

You're still at risk if you quit soda. Despite its healthful reputation, juice may contain significant quantities of added sugar that might age you quicker. 

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Using artificially sweetened drinks

You may unwittingly accelerate ageing by switching from soda or juice to diet drinks sweetened with sugar substitutes.

Alcohol Consumption

Overindulging in alcohol may cause youth loss. If you want to feel your best in your senior years, take it easy at happy hour.

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