Each Zodiac Sign's Biggest Relationship Dealbreaker

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Clinginess. You're so independent and want to live your own life outside of relationships that you can't stand a clinging or needy companion.


Disrespect. Because of your excessive pride and high standards, anyone who disrespects you will be expelled from your life.


Aloofness. Because you thrive on your active social life and it pretty much defines your daily life, you can't be with someone who is anti-social.


Privacy. Being an emotional and intuitive sign, you can't be with someone who is secretive or reserved and keeps things from you. 

You want to be able to talk to your partner and support them if they're having a hard time, and you don't want them to keep any secrets from you.


Shyness. You are the centre of attention, so you can't be with someone who takes advantage of that, but you also can't be with someone who doesn't even make an effort.


Unambition. Your entire focus is on your profession, your accomplishment, and the newest advancement.

You want a companion that understands your objectives and aspirations while also having their own.


Negativity. You're a happy person who always believes that the next day will be better. Because of this, you find it difficult to deal with unpleasant or dramatic partners.


Lying. Except for lying, you can tolerate all of your partner's weaknesses. Even if it was just a white lie, lying is a deal breaker for you and is probably the quickest way to lose you.


Laziness. You cannot be with a sluggish spouse since you are constantly on the go and seeking for the next daring adventure.


Irresponsibility. You cannot be with someone who lacks self-control or who is unsure about their priorities.


Practicality. When your partner is grounded in reality, how can you discuss your outlandish thoughts and desires?

You can't be with someone who is pragmatist or who doesn't support your creative side since you are unorthodox, rebellious, and slightly odd.


Insensitivity. Despite your attempts to hide it, you have a high level of sensitivity and emotion. being around an unconsiderate person.

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