Eight Astrological Signs That Struggle to Find Love

Leo ascending

It may come as a surprise that this placement denotes discovering love later in life, given that the Sun controls Leos, who are famed for their ability to follow their heart.

Increasing Cancer Rate

Like those born under the sign of Leo, you will find that the lessons you learn about yourself via your relationships are governed by Saturn.

Ascendant 7th house Saturn

If Saturn is in your love horoscope, expect to feel more limited in your ability to advance in this area than usual.

Squaring Saturn and Venus

Because to its emphasis on joy and affection, this astrological facet is among the most difficult of all. At the beginning, it's easier to look outside of yourself.


Saturn's yin-yang with Venus

This is a particularly negative facet since it portends a lifetime of spending a lot of time on your alone.

Attractive Venus in Virgo

Being an earth sign, Virgo is associated with the goddess of the earth and is celebrated for its healing properties and prodigious fertility. 

We’re insane about fall.

This position is problematic since it does not provide a test in locating love but rather in maintaining it. Venus is passionate in love and eager to devote herself completely.

Sagittarius Venus

It's a common misconception that those born under the sign of Sagittarius have trouble settling down. Nonetheless, they require security as well as individual autonomy.


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We struggle with being decisive

It's not out of the ordinary for us to have a 16-page to-do list and yet agree to take on a last-minute business assignment, errand for a loved one.