Encouraging Words For Your Zodiac Sign This Sunday 


"The universe uses relationships to heal, educate, and help us develop into the people we were meant to be.


"You make a path if there is none. You construct a bridge in the absence of one.


"You love the same things about yourself that you love about others. The flaws in yourself that you despise in others are the flaws in yourself. —


"This is a gentle reminder to you that you are equally worthy of your own full attention and care. You are doing better than you believe, so give self all the time and care you need to recover.


Hence, give up hunting for The One to share your life with. Take the lead. Let everyone else start looking for you.


All losses are a form of testing, a form of mending, a form of awakening to let you realise just how much love your heart is capable of holding.


"You never put too much of a demand on me. Simply put, you asked the incorrect person.


“You are who you become from the chapters that leave you feeling broken.”


It's vital to keep in mind that things won't always turn out the way you want them to, but you can influence how you respond to them even if you have no control over the outcome. 


“Your habits create your mood, and your mood is a filter through which you experience your life.”


"Not having a schedule merely makes procrastination a breeding ground,"


"This is a signal for you to stay an extra day. One tomorrow at a time, please. Peace is never that far away. Stay; you deserve to see another day. 

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