Essential Oil for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Cedarwood

Aries, burn! You're the zodiac's fiery leader. Warm, pleasant scents help you relax during "me time," which usually entails doing something physical.

Taurus: Vanilla

Taurus, you live lavishly. After a busy workweek, you enjoy self-care and a pleasant night in. Your favorite perfume is pleasant and comfortable.

Gemini: Lavender

Gemini, you run everywhere. You talk and laugh at family, business, and social occasions. You prefer to shut out the world and rest your busy thoughts while you relax.

Cancer: Eucalyptus

Cancer, nobody comforts like you. You're kind and need a secure place to relax after a busy day. You want an aroma to turn your house into a five-star spa .

Leo: Orange

Leos glitter everything. People love your positivity and honesty. Even if you adore the spotlight, you need time to relax and recover.

Virgo: Tea Tree

Virgos are perfectionists. You're realistic, industrious, and hardworking. To maintain order, you need a respite from everyday stress more than anybody else. 

Libra: Wild Rose

Libras enjoy romance and dreams. You spend a lot of time keeping the peace, so you need to treat yourself and enjoy your guilty pleasures. 

Scorpio: Ylang Ylang

Exotic Ylang Ylang is ideal for every mood. It's complex and warm, like you, with banana, honey, spice, and jasmine.

Sagittarius: Ginger

Sagittarius, seeking adventure? You're constantly going—from seeing friends after work to flying. You prefer last-minute flights to weekend Netflix binges.

Capricorn: Jasmine

Practical Capricorns concentrate. You appreciate being productive and organized. To remain on top, you must take time for yourself. 

Aquarius: Bergamot

Aquarians are outgoing, independent thinkers. You like to urge others to think beyond the box. Essential oil blends may inspire fresh perspectives.

Pisces: Sandalwood

 Sandalwood's relaxing scent makes a wonderful hideaway. Warm amber tones with sweet and smooth accents make this essential oil scorching!



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