Every Zodiac Sign Has A Love Style, This Is Yours

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As a Virgo, you put your partner's demands above your own, and as a perfectionist, you will do whatever it necessary to achieve this.


You, as a Libra, have questions about whether you're doing too much or not enough, but when you find that balance.

Hey, Taurus! Attraction at first sight? Yep. That's your specialty. You are passionate and expressive, and your love last forever.


Your love may appear overly passionate to some, but hey, that's just you.

If you're a Sagittarius, you know that casual hookups suit you better because each new person is a new adventure – practically a new game.


Even if you're not necessarily evil, as a Scorpio, you still relish revenge, and there are certain things you never forget.

As a Cancer, you enjoy showing and receiving affection because it makes you feel secure. 


Your amorous side emerges when you demonstrate your need for others.

If you're a Gemini, you're more likely to lead with your brain than your heart.


You consider your relationships to be practical, and if they are not, you wonder how to make them so.

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