Find Out Your Zodiac Sign's Power Color and What It Means


Astrologers know that the ram—Aries' symbol—power colour is red. This sign is assertive, driven, and passionate, like the colour.


Taurus is nurturing. Hence, dark green fits the zodiac's bull. Taureans love green because they are reliable and materialistic.


Yellow suits this communicative air sign. The twins' colour is yellow—glowing, magnificent, and joyous. Gemini can make anything exciting.


Cancers, represented by the crab, wear silver or white since they are influenced by the moon. Silver, like the soul of a genuine Cancerian.

Leo — Gold

This fire sign, controlled by the sun, is inspired mostly by material achievement, authority, and good fortune, all of which are symbolised by the colour gold.

Pisces — Light green

The soft, pale green of watery plants and animals is a perfect visual representation of the gentle energy of the Water Bearer.

Aries — Black

The earthy brown hue is everything from unremarkable because it represents fertile ground. Stable and mature, the Virgo is a role model for other signs .

Libra — Light pink and blue

As a sign of mellow generosity and taste for finer things, Libras are drawn to pastel shades like blue and pink. This is a sign of air.

Aquarius: Blue

This water sign is progressive, creative, restless, and intellectual, just like the sky and water themselves, which are deep, broad, and without bounds.

Scorpio — Black

Even though it has a reputation for being ominous, the colour black is timeless, just like the Scorpio. This sign is a symbol of allure and passion.

Sagittarius — Purple

The colour represents dignity, poise, tranquilly, and optimism. Sagittarians, who are known to be both intelligent and spontaneous.

Capricorn — Grey

Capricorns, who are represented by the colour grey, are reliable and driven to succeed in their careers. Capricorns tend to have a no-nonsense, black-and-white view of the world.

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