Finest Candles for Every Zodiac Sign

Aries :  After Rain 

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, are confident and ambitious, thus they should surround themselves with powerful symbols.

 Taurus : Rose

Taureans are "sensual and not afraid to indulge on goods," but they are resistant to change. 

Gemini : Anecdote

Because of their dual nature, Geminis should avoid wearing single-note perfumes. 

 Cancer : Bohēme

 Maybe it's because they're so in tune with their feelings. Stardust adds that they are also well-known for cherishing their memories. 


 Leo : Boy Smells

According to Sildo, the lion-like sign of Leo deserves a unique feature because of its status as king of the zodiac.

Virgo : Byredo

Despite their reputation as perfectionists and those who want to keep things neat and orderly, Virgos like their gifts to be understated. 

Libra : L’or de Seraphine

Sildo argues that Libras should focus on "beauty and equilibrium,".

 Scorpio : Mahogany

Scorpios are secretive and passionate people. A deep, woodsy scent such as this one captures both their mystery and their intensity.

Sagittarius : Saffron

A sag's unusual tastes lead them to spices like cardamom and saffron, which speak to their reputation as adventurers. 

Capricorn : Fireplace

Smoky essences that warm the senses are a favorite with Caps, according to Stardust. 


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Aquarius : Candier

If you want to impress Aquarians, you should "give them an off-the-beaten-path fragrance," as Sildo puts it. 

Pisces : Sunday

Pisces are sensitive, dreamy, and romantic; thus, the more ethereal the fragrance, the better.

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