Foods You Should Stop Eating Right Away

Frozen food

Store-bought frozen meals include a lot of salt and preservatives, but they're convenient for last-minute dinners. 

"Diet" soda

These fizzy drinks are called "diet" but include colors, bisphenol A (BPA), aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners.

White sugar

Refined white sugar intake increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and others. Honey and agave syrup are better options.

Energy Drink

Energy drinks are popular for a fast boost when you're sluggish and coupled with alcohol to prevent exhaustion when socializing. 

Fried food

Fried chicken, calamari, fries, and other high-fat, salt, and sugar foods stress our bodies, putting them at risk of inflammation and other diseases.


Restaurant sweets

Restaurant desserts often have large portions of fat, sugar, and calories. Skip them or share with the family—they're bad for you.

Frozen pizza

Frozen pizzas are high in salt and artificial ingredients, but they contain less calories than local pizza. If you can't resist, bake pizza from home using whole-wheat dough.

Flavored yogurts

Most fruit-flavored yogurts are sweetened with sugar and contain little fruit. They also use artificial food colorings or concentrated liquids.

Processed white bread

Processed white bread's high glycemic index raises blood sugar. Diabetes, heart disease, and obesity may result.

Fruit juice

Beware of packaging language. Most commercial fruit juices include fiber-free fruit and high fructose corn syrup.

Cured meats

Processed meats include hazardous saturated fats, nitrates, and nitrites. At high temperatures, nitrates and nitrites form carcinogenic nitrosamines.


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