Friday Horoscope For Each Zodiac Signs.


Virgo, forget your umbrella. No matter the weather today, the sun shines on you. You can pull off something extraordinary with your practical wizardry.


Today, you're caught on a stationary conveyor belt and feel like you'll never get anywhere or do anything. Even if you can't recall the last good thing, don't worry. 


You unexpectedly become an expert in a respected technical or creative subject. You're an expert on a topic, and people travel to hear your thoughts.


You can want the prize for yourself, but consider the repercussions before you battle. Competition strains personal friendships. You may sacrifice too much for a point.


Be independent now. Your independence is a strength. Imaginary pals are for everyone. Your alone is fine. Focus and create privately.


Expect several opportunities today. Taurus, you cannot be too prepared right now. Early birds get the worm—or whatever is being competed for. You'll win if you're first out of the gate.


But that's their problem. Look in the mirror—you glow. Your mood attracts unexpected guests. Don't waste your vitality and adventurous enthusiasm.


Aries, don't overinvest in a failure. Try not to harm your professional reputation, which is under examination. Always wash your hands. Avoiding shipwreck is ideal.


Despite your best efforts, mistakes will happen. You're not perfect. Critique the mistakes constructively, not destructively. Little changes can provide enormous results.


Goats have a fantastic day! You shouldn't back down from your beliefs with your current self-confidence. Capricorn, resist challenges. You're stronger than your opponents' weapons.


Your luck will change soon. You are relieved to have authority to make the obvious and required changes. Show gratitude, but don't dedicate your job to them.


Libra, living in the past makes moving forward very tough. You can overdo nostalgia by clinging to your memories. Don't be shocked if another old-timer emerges with a different story.

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