Funniest Zodiac Signs

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Geminis are very engaging on many levels. Simmons states that kids "enjoy to ask inquiries and acquire knowledge on diverse subjects" as if they were trinkets.


 According to Simmons, "Virgo swings toward a more critical, self-deprecating style of comedy," and this may get many chuckles. Jerry Seinfeld, who is a Virgo, comes to mind. 


Rose explains that the heavenly centaur is often "loud, brash, and unafraid to upset others." Obviously, this means they may sometimes upset others.


 A Cancer could, for instance, make light of a hurting location that someone is attempting to conceal. While their sarcastic tone suggests they are kidding.



Taurus will observe current events and comment on them in a timely, engaging, and amusing manner, but will stick to more impartial topics. Simmons notes that this provides a sense of comfort.


Leos have a dramatic sense of humor and thrive on performance. They like being the center of attention since they are dominated by the sun. "Proud and fiery,".


Capricorns tend to be an appealing bunch that want to be the best. This may serve them well if the challenge is to determine who's funniest, since "they will study humor and trends until they get the science of funny correct,".

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 But, their sarcastic brand of humor may not be for everyone, particularly as this fire sign enjoys roasting others and, like Capricorn, isn't as good at taking jokes .


Scorpios are often aware of this trait and, as a result, may save their jokes for individuals who really understand them and their sense of humor.

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