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Golden Retriever Has the Best Reaction When Mom Stops Kissing Him

Dogs can be loved in numerous ways, from lengthy walks to ear rubs. 

Treats and toys can communicate! However, occasionally we meet a dog who enjoys giving and receiving attention like a person.

A cute Golden Retriever gets kisses from his mom in this TikTok video from @bradythegoldenpup. He has the sweetest reaction when she quits!

Aww! Brady's crazy pawing is cute, but he wants more kisses from his mom. 

After seeing him so unconcerned, we weren't anticipating that! He may have realized what he missed afterward. We feel you!

"I will do the same," wrote @inungbissett. "Nonstop kissing." The best? With such velvety fur, it's hard to resist kissing a pup. 

When they like kisses too, it's a bonus! It's many pet owners' fantasy. 
Love is certainly paying off. Brady looks great! Brady's mom's response to @wildroseandbella's "how old is he now?"

We thought she'd say he was 5, but he's 8! He's aging gracefully and is loved. You agree?

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