Greek yogurt: good or bad?

Greek yogurt: healthy?

Yogurt is good for gut, bone, and heart health due to its probiotics and calcium.

Greek yogurt: healthy?

“Greek yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt, higher in protein, and usually lower in sugar.”

Greek yogurt nutrients

Most grocery store Greek yogurts have the following minerals and vitamins, however low- or no-fat varieties may not have the same health advantages.

High protein

Greek yogurt contains less carbs and nearly double the protein, according to Prest. High-protein products are made by eliminating watery whey and lactose.

Calcium rich.

Calcium aids in blood clotting, muscular contractions, neuron activities, and bone and tooth growth.



“Probiotics may promote digestive health and gut microbiome balance.” Yogurt eating lowered visceral fat mass and gut microbiota in one research.

Greek yogurt cooking tips

Gans suggests eating Greek yogurt alone, with fruit and nuts, or in a smoothie. Delicious apple crisp smoothie!

Greek yogurt cooking tips

Greek yogurt may be substituted for equivalent components. Gans proposes substituting it for mayonnaise in tuna, chicken, or egg salads.

Greek yogurt cooking tips

 She suggests substituting greek yogurt for sour cream on baked potatoes. “Greek yogurt makes salad dressing creamier.”

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