Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny Release New Song

On Monday, April 17th, Bad Bunny and Grupo Frontera will release a new single. This is an exciting departure for Bad Bunny since it is their first time working together.

Despite his devotion to regional Mexican music, this is just his second regional Mexican collaboration, and it's with Grupo Frontera.

 A previous collaboration was on a new version of the corrido "Soy el Diablo," in which he and Natanael Cano both participated.

This Grupo Frontera collaboration is a love cumbia, at least according to Bad Bunny's TikTok weekend preview.


"If they've seen me at the disco with someone else, it's simply wasting my time," Bad Bunny's Spanish song says. "That story that they saw me all cheery, it's not true."

 Seeing pictures or videos of you is the one thing that still makes me giggle.

There has been no official announcement of the new song's title as of press time, but it will be released tomorrow.

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