Gucci 2023 Display Doubles The Fun

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I was born to mom Eralda and mom Giuliana, so you could say I have two moms. Two exceptional sisters who have made their shared identity their stamp on the world. 

They shared a single physical form. Both men and women followed the same fashion trends and hairstyles. Magically, they reflected each other. Both increased by a factor of one.

Whenever I observe such a specular multiplication, I am struck by its ethereal beauty."A shuddering miracle that dared to defy the impossible."

Last September's mesmerizing show began with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's "Identical Twins" told as spoken word poetry, followed by a sleek double-breasted blazer with leg garters and a cropped tie.


Whenever I observe such a specular multiplication, I am struck by its ethereal beauty. It has a strong sense of familiarity and is quite effective.

Michele's inspiration for the Gucci SS23 collection came from his admiration for his mothers and his desire to investigate the "asymmetrical reciprocity" present in the purest form of twinship.

The collection was presented in a clever and appropriate way with twin models in duplicate designs; in fact, 68 sets of twins walked the runway. 


The end result is disorienting and muddled. Almost a divide in identity, then the revelation: the same garments emit different attributes on seemingly identical bodies. 

After all, the industry relies on iterative improvements that don't stifle people's freedom to be themselves in the most authentic ways imaginable.

A tension is created between the original and its copy as a result of Twinsburg's game of deception involving a shattered symmetry.