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The incomprehensible may never make sense, but that does not imply you will never find peace with it.


Even if no one has recently told you, I assure you that people love you. People desire to be in your presence. People are inspired by the brightness you emit.


It is possible that he loved you with his entire heart. Simply put, he did not see a future with you.


I am aware that the world can be a cruel place at times, which is why I find it so admirable that you face each day with such courage.


You will construct a new comfort zone based on the activities that genuinely propel you forward.


You are responsible for continually assessing whether your environment inspires you to become a better person or compels you to dull your light.


There is something more out there for you, regardless of how painful it may feel, how lost your spirit may be, or how lonely your heart may feel.


She knew that in order to become who she was destined to be, she had to let go of the trauma-induced persona. 


Let people to be who they genuinely are and to behave as they normally would. And then decide whether it is sufficient.


Even on days when you feel like crawling out of your skin and vanishing, you must persevere.


Everything you've ever desired still awaits you. Even if you have concealed it, you have not forfeited your opportunity, your potential, or your truth. 


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