Health-Boosting Fitness Tracker Features

Cardiovascular Monitor

Heart rate monitors are essential for exercises. Effective exercise will show. Consider how often your tracker disagrees with your perception of peak performance.

Tracking Sleep

Getting enough sleep may be even more crucial than exercising for your health. Many trackers analyze your sleep. You'll discover your deep sleep and restless sleep times.

Success Celebration

Many trackers now vibrate and provide entertaining messages to demonstrate your progress. Research reveals that positive reinforcement keeps you on track.

ECG: electrocardiogram

This sensor monitors heart health and may detect atrial fibrillation. Many customers say this sensor saved their lives, despite false alerts.

Water Tracking

Water is essential to health, but it's hard to track. Fitness tracker apps make this easy and remind you to drink throughout the day.

Friendly Rivalry

Fitbit and Apple Watch offer contests like challenging friends or seeing who closed their rings first. This responsibility will encourage you to succeed.


Calorie Burned

Fitness trackers help you count calories. It can also measure your calories burned through activity, idle time, and sleep.

Move Reminders

For sedentary office employees, the gentle tracker nudge to "move" might be a wakeup call to take a break. Trackers can divide your daily step target into hourly reminders.

Pulse oximeters

During the pandemic, monitoring blood oxygen saturation has replaced the yearly physical device. Medical disorders are linked to certain levels. 


Your fitness tracker can help with meditation and stress management, which don't include steps or calories. Your tracker can help you conquer this part of your health.


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